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Guidance on completing paperwork within the PA pack

Congratulations on your new hire! Welcome to The PA Pack Explanation Guide, your ultimate companion for navigating the intricacies of your Personal Assistant’s toolkit. Whether you’re delegating tasks, clarifying responsibilities, or simply seeking guidance on effective communication, trust The PA Pack Explanation Guide to be your go-to resource

Employing friends or family as personal assistants

Factsheet 1.8

This factsheet is intended to give advice on employing friends or family members as personal assistants.

Payroll options for East Sussex clients

Information sheet

Use this page to download information on the different payroll options for Direct Payment recipients in East Sussex.

East Sussex core employment support service leaflet

Information sheet

Use this page to download information about our East Sussex core employment support service.

Introduction to the Direct Payment support service

Factsheet 1.0

This factsheet introduces what you will be required to do to employ a personal assistant using your Direct Payments.

Direct Payment bank accounts & financial record keeping

Factsheet 1.1

This factsheet explains what you need to know about managing your Direct Payment through a bank account as well as the financial record keeping you need to be aware of.

Preparing your employer budget

Factsheet 1.2

This factsheet will guide you through the process of drawing up a workable and affordable employer budget to suit your specific circumstance.

Employers liability insurance

Factsheet 1.3

This factsheet will explain everything you need to know about Employers’ Liability Insurance, what it is and when you do and don’t need it.

Payroll options

Factsheet 1.4

This factsheet explain what a payroll is, why it is important and the options you have to manage payroll for your employees.