Tyler’s story – a film about disability

Tyler's story

Independent Lives is proud to present Tyler’s Story. Watch the full film online now.

Shot locally in and around Worthing, ‘Tyler’s Story’ follows Tyler as he goes about his life, meeting friends, going to work, the gym and enjoying his hobbies. It draws attention to the challenges and stigma he faces as a disabled man and how he overcomes them to live a full and independent life.

Rebecca Smicle, Chief Executive of Independent Lives said:

“We were keen to make the film because we wanted to show people our vision of a society where disabled people are treated fairly and have the same access as those without a disability.

Unfortunately, we know that life is not like this for a lot of disabled people. We’re continuing to see the people we support disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and other factors like the recent cost of living increase, which only make equality more difficult to achieve.

But this only makes us more determined in our push for disability equality and a society where Tyler’s story can become everyone’s story.“

Tyler Paul, star of the film, had this to say about what the film means to him:

“It was really important to me that disability awareness was promoted. We need to break down the barriers in society so disabled people don’t feel different anymore and that we’re accepted and supported.”

You can watch the film below.