Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all users of this website. PA Pages currently operates in West Sussex and Croydon and is owned and operated by Independent Lives (Disability). 

PA Pages is intended to make it easier for personal assistants to find work and for employers of personal assistants to connect with new personal assistants. Any personal assistants listed on this site are not directly endorsed by Independent Lives nor have their details been vetted. Any decisions or agreements entered into as a result of using PA Pages are at the discretion of those individuals involved.

Independent Lives (Disability) is not the employer and is not responsible for any agreements entered into. We advise all employers to carry out the appropriate disclosure and barring service checks.  It is a legal requirement to have a DBS check carried out on any individual working in a home where a child will be present (including visiting children). Independent Lives can assist people in obtaining a DBS.

Independent Lives reserves the right to remove any person from this service if they breach the terms and conditions and/or is involved in a safeguarding investigation without notice. It also reserves the right to investigate feedback of unprofessional/inappropriate behaviour, and if another statutory body has informed us of any concerns they have about a user of this service we may remove the individual from the service without notice or detailed explanation. We will inform you that you have been removed, in cases where it appropriate we will tell you why you have been removed, in some cases this will not be appropriate and we will not share this information.