Seven reasons to work as a personal assistant

Every day, in the UK, thousands of personal assistants work to change the lives of the people they support. They make a huge contribution to health care and deserve to be recognised for the heroes they are. If you have never thought about working as a personal assistant, then here are seven reasons we think you should give it a go.

The job is incredibly flexible

Individual employers may need support with different aspects of their life, at varying times of the day. This gives you the opportunity to find a job that fits around your life. You can also work for more than one person if you want, giving you maximum flexibility in your life.

No two days are the same

You’ll never be bored as a personal assistant. The role is incredibly varied, and you may be asked to complete a wide range of tasks like personal care, domestic work and any other activities that allow the person you’re supporting to live an independent life.

It’s the ideal job for a people person

Being a personal assistant allows you to meet a variety of new and interesting people. As well as individual employers, you’ll work closely with the family of the person you support as well as other personal assistants.

You’ll receive proper training

Every month Independent Lives provide a wide range of quality training courses, delivered by experienced and fully qualified trainers, all designed to meet your needs as a personal assistant. With sessions on topics like manual handling, medication awareness and safeguarding, we’re sure you’ll find something to benefit from.

To find out more, visit our training page.

You can really get to know people

Unlike agency workers, personal assistants spend most of their time one-on-one with the person that they are supporting. And because you’ll be employed directly by the individual, you’ll have the time to support them for as long as they need.

You get to make a real difference

There is nothing more rewarding that working as a personal assistant. The difference that personal assistants make in people’s lives is vast. Your work can really help someone to live a fulfilling and independent life.

Better employment conditions

Personal assistants are often better paid that people working through agencies. Not only this but you are much more likely to end up with a permanent contract. Working directly for an individual means you really get to spend time making sure you do a great job ithout having to rush off to another appointment.

Independent Lives manage a database of vacancies for personal assistants. You can search and apply for your perfect job today. Take a look at the current vacancies on PA Pages.