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    Reports on digital inclusion

    Government Digital Inclusion Strategy

    The Government published its Digital Inclusion Strategy in December 2014 and is when the Government first started to recognise and tackle digital inclusion across Britain.

    Exploring the UK’s digital divide

    Further research into digital exclusion was carried out by the Office of National Statistics in 2019, with the publication of their Exploring the UK’s digital divide report.

    Good Things Foundation strategy: 2022-2025

    In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, this strategy from the Good Things Foundation outlines their plans to engage one million people digitally through the creation of 5,000 digital inclusion hubs across Britain.


    Useful links – The website of the NHS. – Use the NHS 111 service if you think you need medical help. If it is an emergency, dial 999. – On this page you can download the NHS app to your smart device through the apple and google play stores and access the NHS app through your computer. – Sussex Health and Care Partnership have put together some excellent resources on how to use digital healthcare tools, including the NHS app and NHS 111 online.

    Last updated:  24th April, 2024


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