Guidance on completing paperwork within the PA pack

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    Information to read: 

    Employers Liability Insurance 

    Employers liability insurance 

    It is your legal responsibility to ensure you takeout Employers Liability Insurance.  Independent Lives can provide you with information leaflets from companies who provide this specialised insurance. 

    Choosing the Right Employment Status for your PA

    -Choosing the right employment status for your PA 

    This can help you decide which type of contract should be issued to your PA.  If your PA is working regular or permanent hours, they should be given the ‘Employment Contract’, PAs on casual hours should be given the ‘Worker’s Agreement’.  

    DBS checks and what you need to know

    DBS one Page

    This information should be shared with your PAs.   DBS checks should be completed for all new employees.  Checks should be renewed every 3 years unless your PA is on the update service. 


    – Pensions information sheet

    letter regarding Pensions and your legal responsibility to offer a workplace pension.  If you are an Independent Lives Payroll Service customer, please complete and return the ‘Pension Information for Independent Lives Payroll Customers’ sheet to Payroll.  Please contact the Payroll Service for further advice if required. 

     Tax & National Insurance Rates

    Tax and National Insurance Rates 2024 to 2025 

    For your information please be aware that these change on 1st April each year. 

     Health & Safety

     Health and safety


    (General Data Protection Regulations )

    – Employee Data Privacy Notice 

    Any personal data you hold on a PA should be securely stored. 

     Supervisions and one to ones

    – Managing your staff and resolving problems

    Use this guidance to help you manage your PAs 


    Forms to complete and information for your PA at start up 


    Job description

    – Job description and person specification 

    It is important to issue a Job Description to your PA as this forms part of their contract. Independent Lives can support you to write one if required.   Factsheet 2.1 Writing a Job Description and Person Specification and Job Description Template 2.1b provide further guidance.  


    Tax & National Insurance Information for new PA’s 

    Tax and national insurance information for new PAs

    To be given to your PA for them to keep. 

    Employment contract

    Example employment contract (written statement of employment particulars)

    Worker Agreement

     2 copies of your chosen contract should be completed and signed by you and your PA.  One should be kept for your records and one issued to the PA to keep. This should be in place from the first day of employment.  Please note that if you make any amendments to these templates, changes must be agreed by the legal team of your employer’s liability insurance before issuing to your PA. Your funder is unlikely to fund any enhancements to terms and conditions.  

    Risk Assessment 

    Risk Assessment for PAs

    It is extremely important that you carry out a Risk Assessment with every PA you employ. You are legally required to have assessed and addressed any risks your PA may encounter when carrying out their job.  This will also back up any claim made through your Employer’s Liability Insurance.  Please read and complete the ‘Risk Assessment’ document with your PA, making sure you both sign it.  This should then be kept for your records. You should re-visit this document whenever any new risks are identified, but at least once a year.   

    PA Induction checklist

    PA induction checklist

    Complete with your PA.  This should be kept for your records. 

    Emergency checklist

    Emergency checklist

    Record this information and share with your PAs. 

    Personnel sheet

    Personnel sheet (checking the right to work in the UK)

    Your PA should complete Section A and you should complete Sections B and C.  By law, you should check & take a copy of one of the ID documents listed in Section C of the Personnel Sheet to prove your PA has the right to live & work in UK.  You should then keep the completed Personnel Sheet and the copied ID document for your records.   

    Health & Safety Law leaflet

    Health and safety Law Leaflet PDF (Gov Webste)

    Issue this to your PA. 


    Telephone reference request

    Written reference request

    It is strongly recommended that you take up references on your new PA.  Please use one of the Templates provided to assist you in obtaining References.  Any References received should be kept with the PAs other records.   

    Information for PA’s – Rules and Regulations

    Information for PAs- rules of employment and employer expectations

    This information sheet is intended to provide you and your PA with information relating to the rules of their employment and your expectations of them within the role of Personal Assistant. 

    Forms to complete during employment  


     Timesheets should be completed by all PAs at the end of each shift. A 4 weekly example timesheet has been included in the pack for your information, if your payroll is monthly then please request a monthly timesheet. Completed Timesheets should be kept for your records. 


    Holiday record sheet (excel document)

    Holiday pay and entitlement

     Your PAs are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday per year (pro rata Your Payroll Service should be able to calculate your PA holiday on your behalf.  Factsheet 3.2 Holiday Pay & Entitlement provides more information on your legal duty to make sure this is granted.  The template provided should be used to keep a record of your PA’s Holiday. 


    PA Sickness Record Sheet

    What to do when your PA is sick

    PA Sickness should be recorded on the enclosed template.  Further guidance can be found in Factsheet 5.2 What to do when your PA is sick.  

    PA expenses

    PA expenses claim form

    You should keep records of any agreed ‘PA Expenses’ you pay, including mileage, using the template provide and ensure your PA is reimbursed. 

    Last updated:  2nd May, 2024


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