New Changing Places toilet coming to Worthing

20230118 Banner

Following a survey by council staff and the borough’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Worthing Borough Council is planning to build a Changing Places toilet.

Officers and Councillor Vicki Wells inspected the town’s public toilets to determine their condition. The “Toilet Tour” findings revealed several upgrades that could be made to ten toilets throughout the town centre.

The council is also getting ready to build a new Changing Places facility at the Guildbourne Centre, a larger, accessible toilet with access equipment to help people with mobility issues, in addition to improving the current toilets around the borough.

The new accessible toilet is possible thanks to the council’s successful application for £100k of the government’s Changing Places Fund. Officers are now determining the specific location of the toilet, but it will likely be near to the High Street multi-story car park and installed by the summer of 2023.

In response to concerns from the public, the council is also researching ways to protect mobility equipment and vehicles outside public toilets, giving users peace of mind that their vehicles are safe from theft.