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We want to make sure you are aware that starting from 1 April 2023, if you pay your personal assistants (PAs) at the current National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage, you will need to increase their pay, as the rates are increasing. The amount you will need to pay varies depending on your PAs … Read more

Employees and friends of Independent Lives will be experiencing a taste of the high life this June with a unique fundraising event. 30 fearless folks will be lowered 138 meters from the top of the iconic i360 in Brighton to raise funds for the Worthing-based disability charity. The funds raised will be used to support … Read more

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Over 100 organisations have written an open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer calling for a social tariff on energy. The cost-of-living crisis has affected millions up and down the country this winter. And while most are having to choose between heating and eating, disabled families are having to choose between heating, eating and … Read more

A new report has revealed an enormous income gap between disabled people and non-disabled people, resulting in many more disabled people unable to afford essentials like heating and food. Analysis by the Resolution Foundation has found that two in five disabled people were unable to heat their houses this winter, and over a third had … Read more

Following a survey by council staff and the borough’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Worthing Borough Council is planning to build a Changing Places toilet. Officers and Councillor Vicki Wells inspected the town’s public toilets to determine their condition. The “Toilet Tour” findings revealed several upgrades that could be made to ten toilets throughout the … Read more

Adur and Worthing Council are holding an accessibility assessment, as part of their plans to transform and improve Montague Place. During the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary changes were made to Montague Place due to the increased need for social distancing. One of the few benefits to come out of the pandemic was a renewed understanding of … Read more

A new report has highlighted the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on disabled people and their families. In July and August, the Greater Manchester Disabled People’s Panel held the most extensive survey of disabled people in the UK, with over 1,600 responses. They were asked about things that affected their daily lives, like money, social … Read more

Cold weather can be dangerous and bad for our health. Below is some advice on how to keep warm as the weather starts to turn colder. Keep warm Heat your home to at least 18°C (65°F). You may prefer your main living room to be slightly warmer. Keep your bedroom window closed on a winter’s … Read more

According to research by the Resolution Foundation, the number of disabled individuals who are working age has increased by 2.3 million in the last ten years. One in every seven employees now has a disability, a 50% increase since 2013. Despite an increase in the number of disabled individuals of working age since 2013 of 2.3 … Read more

Have you ever felt that you weren’t able to participate in something because of the world around you? That someone else’s opinion or lack of understanding got in the way of you fulfilling your potential? As I’m writing this, one example pops into my mind. My GP suggested that I should look into yoga classes, … Read more